Bacon Corn Dog Ice Cream – The Simple Taste Treats Of Summer Time

In a post called “Six Degrees of Caramelized Bacon,” Mr. Boo explained the inspiration and the journey to create what he dubbed “Bacon Corn Dog Ice Cream.” I was sure that true, dedicated “Baconistas” around the globe would be quite interested, dare I say, even inspired by this story that I knew it had to shared now, as the hot, sultry and sweltering days of summer begin to make their presence known.

Tasty Bacon Around the World

Check out this cute little video. (Well, to my English-speaking ears it’s cute, to a Japanese audience it’s probably just an ad for AOL Food.) This is a Japanese interpretation of some of the many things that bacon is delicious with. httpv:// What are some of your favorite things to pair with bacon? — Mike … Read more

Bacon and Egg Ice Cream

In high school, video day was always a special day. If you were burned out on the normal grind it was a day when you would get a different visual stimulus for a while. If you were goth it was an opportunity to sit in the dark for a few minutes. If you were sleepy, … Read more