Keto Kale with Garlic & Bacon

keto diet

This KETO food pyramid, pulled from reddit, practically turns the old food pyramid on its head! Let’s Do This! January 2nd and it’s time to get real about those resolutions. Surely the Ketogenic diet is the most appealing diet since bacon is a mainstay of this fat-burning diet.   Dr. John Salerno’s book, “Fight Fat … Read more

Great Bacon and the Paleo Diet

When it comes to losing weight and getting healthier, there are thousands of diets to choose from. There’s South Beach, Atkins, Weight Watchers, and even a diet based on your glycemic index. The one that might be gaining the most steam right now, however, is the Paleo Diet. You may know it as the “Caveman … Read more

The Skinny Little Lie That Could Kill You

Here’s the actual scientific facts that the maniacal, sadomasochistic deviants of the fashion industry simply don’t ant you to know.
We ALL need to regularly consume fat in order to stay healthy and alive!