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Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs

These bad boys will have every bacon and eggs lover enjoying each bite of these delicious and easy appetizers.

Bacon Quiche Tarts

This is an extremely quick and easy bacony meal that is perfect for when you`re on the run or have surprise visitors show up hungry at the door and manage to successfully snout their way in without having to huff and puff and blow your house down! Try it, I guarantee you`ll like it!

Sun-Dried Tomato Bacon & Eggs Benedict

Here’s a great way to start your day off right with a tongue tempting, “tried and true” touch of traditional tastes, based on a basic “bacony” breakfast billing that is creatively combined with today’s modern sophistication and flavorful experimentation with the classics. Enjoy!

Green Bacon and Ham!

If your Elementary School was anything like mine then each year on St. Patrick's Day they served Green Eggs and Ham. I ate almost anything as a child, but I just couldn't put down those green eggs from some reason. My kids love the book, and they love to eat the green eggs when my wife makes them for St. Patrick's Day.

The Bacon Ring Technique

Bacon Today reader Marc-Frederic recently shared with us his fantastic idea for making beautiful food presentations involving bacon. And no, we don’t mean slapping some cooked bacon strips on a plate. We’re talking chef-worthy presentations that would make pig lovers everywhere proud!