Bacon Burger Challenge at The Counter – Phase 2

You may remember Scott’s last epic burger challenge at The Counter. Well, this week he was at it again and about 10 folks came along to witness the event (and eat some tasty burgers at The Counter). Look at that burger. Bask in it’s glorious girth. Soak in the amazing awe-inspiring awesomeness. That’s one pound … Read more

Grilled Cheese and 30 Slices of Bacon at Sonic (with video)

(Scroll down for video) The place…Elk River, MN. We’ve been hunting for bacon there before, but hadn’t noticed an obvious choice for our bacon excursion — Sonic Drive-In. Way back in August 2008 a Bacon Toaster Sandwich was ordered from Sonic in our honor and we’ve always meant to find a Sonic to taste the … Read more

Fatburger Triple King Challenge Times Two

Six all-beef patties and plenty of bacon. That’s the way to start an amazing meal. Scott was at it again this week, taking on another daunting food challenge. This time his target was the Fatburger Triple King Challenge — the largest burger offered at the Fatburger chain with triple the burger patties stuffed inside. Since … Read more

Bacon Burger Challenge at The Counter

Today the office gauntlet was thrown down and the chosen competitor was once again our good buddy Scott (the guy who eats spam with bacon a whole can at a time). The mission: A massive menagerie of burger fixings at The Counter restaurant The ingredients: Just about everything the restaurant could stack on the burger, … Read more