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Better Homes Gardens Stops By With Some Great Holiday Recipe News!

Today our good friends over at “Better Homes & Gardens” dropped by to let us know that their new Holiday Menu Suggestions and Holiday Recipes have now officially been posted, so that we can pass the news on to all of you deeply dedicated “Baconistas” or as “B.H.G.” likes to refer to you as, “Baconites,” which is a pretty clever and cool term that I think I’m going to help them spread around the Bacon World as a proud and popular “Badge of Baconism” around the globe.

Average Betty’s Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno POP Burger

Are you getting “sick and tired” (literally) of all those horrendously disappointing and sometimes stomach wrenching “Samo-Samo-Lamo” fast-food “Bacon-Buggers” (pun intended) that continue to promise you a satisfying squeal of delight … but usually tend to deliver nothing more than a desperate moaning, groaning 3-way conversation with yourself and the “Big Guy Upstairs” exchanged over the Ralph’s big, white porcelain phone?

Glazed Apple Bacon & Maple Cake

Everyone I know has those amazing memories etched deeply into their minds of waking up to the wafting aroma of pancakes and bacon cooking in the kitchen and sitting down to enjoy a plate just seems to make the day feel like a pleasant dream come true for so many of us. Well that’s exactly what this cake is designed to recreate for you during those unfortunate circumstances when a full on pancake, bacon and eggs meal isn’t strategically possible or time schedule feasible.

The Bacon Explosion – A Simple Recipe To True Bacony Enjoyment!

The “Bacon Explosion” BaconExplosion may very well have been the most massive, media managed, longest lasting “bacon oriented news item” of the past 2 years, all up to the Bacon Explosion’s creators, Jason Day and Aaron Chronister’s release of their “explosion included” first cookbook, “BBQ Makes Everything Better” which is being published by media magnates, Simon & Schuster.

Baby Bubbas Braised Veggies Bacon Bonanza.

One “not so healthy” thing that tends to happen to us all during the hot summer months, is that we are often so very busy and on the go all the time, we begin to neglect or need for healthy veggies to healthfully balance out all the fast food and quick snack “carbs” and proteins that we continue to consume to fuel our flight and fancy while constantly on the run from morning to night.