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Bacon Wrapped Pizza Log – An Epicurean Edition Of Cooking With Junior

Well, thanks to another loyal, fellow Bacon-Buddy; Will Mueller, we’ve just gotten word that Junior has started up a pretty awesome culinary video series called “Cooking With Junior,” and to nobody’s surprise, episode #1 is all about bacon, pork and more bacon … and, by the way … did we mention bacon?

Smoked Bacon, Mozzarella & Walnut Stuffed Mushrooms 

(What better way to perfectly combine the sophisticated tastes that professional “foodies” have come to expect, with an impressive sampling of some truly delightfully delicious, premium cut, country style, smoked bacon dished up with a deliriously decadent smoked mozzarella cheese.)

Crocktoberfest Hits NY To Name America’s Next Crock Star

“Crocktoberfest,” is simply a cleverly casual, crock-pot (that’s crock pot, NOT crack-pot) celebration of creative culinary concoctions featuring bacon, sausage, made from bacon, sausage, ham and other pork products held in, of all places, a posh, upscale, NY lounge that is the usual haunt of sophisticated socialites.

Bacon Today’s “I Love Bacon” Interview With Jayne Rockmill

Introducing “I LOVE BACON!” a brand new bacon recipe book featuring 50 + recipes for brunch, soup, salads and side dishes, as well as numerous meat, pasta and fish entrées, plus cocktails and yes, of course there are lots of bacon decadent dessert dishes to dive into.


I was in the mood for something healthful and mentioned aloud that I was considering ordering the veggie stack, a sandwich made with grilled eggplant, among other things. “You know what's great with that?” the helpful server proffered. “Bacon!”

Bacon Salad With Coffee Rubbed Steak

At a nice restaurant, I’m going to end up eating a nice green salad, a great quality, prime cut of steak, some gourmet, country cut bacon and of course a cup or 4 of some delicious, top shelf coffee. So what do you get when you eat this particular meal? OMG, the exact same thing, for about ¼ of the cost!

The Top Ten Bacon Recipes Of The Year

This has most definitely been a phenomenal year thus far for not only delicious, but truly and unusually creative and interesting Bacon recipes that really show a flair for unusual or at least … unexpected flavor combinations.

Easy Bacon and Beef Stroganoff

This particular recipe will feed a group of 6-8. For larger groups, add some additional ground beef. Serve this meal by spooning the Easy Bacon and Beef Stroganoff over some fresh egg noodles. Enjoy!

Learning to Cook with Marion Cunningham… and bacon

Those wise words come from the intelligent and matronly Marion Cunningham. When I moved out of my parents' house to go to college, they made time in between cheering and celebrations to bestow some gifts upon me, and one of them was Learning to Cook with Marion Cunningham. This book is full of common-sense, easily practiced cooking advice and great, accessible recipes. She answers questions you might be embarrassed to ask about basic cooking staples, like scrambled eggs and hamburgers, but hey if no one teaches you that stuff, you'll never learn for yourself.

Bacon Refried Beans

Take a large bag of beans and put into a pot of cold water and soak for a bit, make sure there is a lot of water for the beans to soak up!