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Pinwheel Burger

Start by cutting the bacon into small pieces, 1/2" long or so, and cook them just to get a little bit of the fat out. Sirloin is lean, so the fat in the bacon will help all of this hold together. Don't cook out too much of it, unless you want the crunchies. In this case, the cheese might be more necessary.

BAM! – Emeril Lagasse Brings His Gourmet Expertise To The Bacon Burger!

There have been so many numerous incarnations and variations of the Bacon Burger over the past few months, that everybody’s favorite “Gourmet Guru” Emiril Lagasse; finally decided that enough is enough … and BAM … has now released this absolutely awesome recipe from his very own personal collection “tempting taste treat treasures,” specifically custom crafted for us genuine gourmands seeking a more elevated evolution of the burgers currently being bantered about by every single fast food chain on the planet.