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Night of the Sizzling Dead

It was late in the night and the lights were all out in the house. I felt a rolling sensation right behind my belly button.

Bacon Jerky Review

So you’re out in the woods, getting your nature walk on, maybe on your way to the fishin’ hole, or back from a covert underground chainsaw carving competition, when hunger strikes. You reach into the pocket of your bear-scratch riddled Carhartt jacket for something to silence the ferocious growling of your mighty stomach. What do you pull from the depths? Granola? Hardly, dolphin hugger. Power Bar?

Learning to Cook with Marion Cunningham… and bacon

Those wise words come from the intelligent and matronly Marion Cunningham. When I moved out of my parents' house to go to college, they made time in between cheering and celebrations to bestow some gifts upon me, and one of them was Learning to Cook with Marion Cunningham. This book is full of common-sense, easily practiced cooking advice and great, accessible recipes. She answers questions you might be embarrassed to ask about basic cooking staples, like scrambled eggs and hamburgers, but hey if no one teaches you that stuff, you'll never learn for yourself.