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Bacon Baked Beans

The second in our Bacon Summer Side Dish series: Bacon Baked Beans!

Bacon Explosion

You want the Bacon Explosion? We’ve got your Bacon Explosion right here!

The bacon explosion of record-breaking dreams?

“What’s funny is that in spite of all of the congratulatory e-mails and positive comments I have directly received regarding this mondo Bacon Explosion, not a single person or group has stepped up to challenge or disprove our claim as having created the ‘world's longest Bacon Explosion. It’s funny and I am sure that there will be challengers, but until I hear otherwise, I promise to carry out the duties of a Bacon world record holder with the humility, grace and sophistication that it so rightfully deserves."

The Bacon Explosion – A Simple Recipe To True Bacony Enjoyment!

The “Bacon Explosion” BaconExplosion may very well have been the most massive, media managed, longest lasting “bacon oriented news item” of the past 2 years, all up to the Bacon Explosion’s creators, Jason Day and Aaron Chronister’s release of their “explosion included” first cookbook, “BBQ Makes Everything Better” which is being published by media magnates, Simon & Schuster.