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Hormel’s Latest Pre-Cooked Bacon Offering Is Actually Quite Impressive!

I have to give some serious kudos to Hormel for seeking to get even better at something that most people out there already think they are pretty darned good at. That “thing” would be coming up with ac “pre-cooked” bacon product that satisfy the “Bacon Jones” of even the most serious and dedicated “Bacon Freak.”

Rest Easy With Your BaCoN Pillow

Have you ever noticed that many of the “pretentious snobs” who don’t eat bacon; tend to often portray those of us “Bacon Freaks” who do, as a bunch of stupid Neanderthals who lack the intelligence and sophistication to “Know Better?’

Free Bacon!

Who wouldn't love some free bacon? Well, the fine people over at "Mark's Daily Apple" are putting together a bacon contest.

So How Good Is Broadbent Country Ham & Bacon – $1.6 Million Good!

Gourmet “Foodies” and dedicated “Baconistas” alike have been spending a lot of time talking about all of the various economic factors and theoretical possibilities behind the current perceived “value increase” in all things bacon lately, but no one was prepared for the reality of what actually went down in the world of bacon on that fateful day that no Bacon Freak will ever be able to forget, August 26, 2010,