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As “Baco-Mania” Rises To Epic Proportions -More Women Are Enthusiastically Bringing Home The Bacon

Ask any Gourmet Restaurateur, Manager of a small, greasy spoon diner, the owner of a Gourmet Bacon Of The Month Club or your local butcher, they’ll all tell you that bacon is rising in popularity at an astronomical rate and much of that increase in interest comes from the ladies, who simply just aren’t putting up with anymore of this attitude that our fair Bacon is relegated strictly to the “Good Ole Boys” and women just aren’t going to be stopped by anymore “Gurlz Arnt Alloud!” signs being hung out in from of the old Bacon Club Tree-house.

The Grateful Palate Is M.I.A. – We Hope They’re OK!

Hey, has anybody anything heard from the good folks over at the Grateful Palate? Once upon a time, one of the leading, premier Bacon Of The Month Clubs, now their website has been down for several weeks, with absolutely no sign of any renovation or activity at all, though the temporary placard placed on the screen says that they are supposedly “Under Construction.”

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Fast-Food Bacon Meals Available Today!

What would you do if you were completely out of bacon and your next Monthly Gourmet Bacon Club “Membership-ment” wasn’t due for another 4 days? How would you satisfy your need to feed on the world’s only “Perfect Food,” what we have come to call Bacon? Obviously it would be physically impossible to go without bacon for 4 days, so that option is simply ridiculous.