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My Birthday Wish – Chocolate Covered Bacon B-Day Cake Shaped Like Bacon!

Special thanks and a belated ‘Happy Birthday Bro” to Jeremy Ghent, who was so kind as to share some of his birthday bash “baked bacontries” with us here at Bacon Today! You see, much like you and I, Mr. Ghent is a dedicated Bacon Freak who also loves the seductive sweetness of some creamy, delicious chocolate as well.

Glazed Apple Bacon & Maple Cake

Everyone I know has those amazing memories etched deeply into their minds of waking up to the wafting aroma of pancakes and bacon cooking in the kitchen and sitting down to enjoy a plate just seems to make the day feel like a pleasant dream come true for so many of us. Well that’s exactly what this cake is designed to recreate for you during those unfortunate circumstances when a full on pancake, bacon and eggs meal isn’t strategically possible or time schedule feasible.

Bacon Cake

Yesterday was a certain Bacon Today staff member’s birthday. In his honor we baked him a bacon cake. Okay, I... View Article