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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Fast-Food Bacon Meals Available Today!

What would you do if you were completely out of bacon and your next Monthly Gourmet Bacon Club “Membership-ment” wasn’t due for another 4 days? How would you satisfy your need to feed on the world’s only “Perfect Food,” what we have come to call Bacon? Obviously it would be physically impossible to go without bacon for 4 days, so that option is simply ridiculous.

Average Betty’s Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno POP Burger

Are you getting “sick and tired” (literally) of all those horrendously disappointing and sometimes stomach wrenching “Samo-Samo-Lamo” fast-food “Bacon-Buggers” (pun intended) that continue to promise you a satisfying squeal of delight … but usually tend to deliver nothing more than a desperate moaning, groaning 3-way conversation with yourself and the “Big Guy Upstairs” exchanged over the Ralph’s big, white porcelain phone?