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Crocktoberfest Hits NY To Name America’s Next Crock Star

“Crocktoberfest,” is simply a cleverly casual, crock-pot (that’s crock pot, NOT crack-pot) celebration of creative culinary concoctions featuring bacon, sausage, made from bacon, sausage, ham and other pork products held in, of all places, a posh, upscale, NY lounge that is the usual haunt of sophisticated socialites.

Captain Thom’s Slappin’ Fat Bacon Ketchup Is Extra-arrrrrrdinary!

So many people have been writing in to tell us just how blown away they are by the absolute bacon “scrumptiosity” of some of the bacon oriented foods and condiments that we have recently covered, that it was only a matter of time that we would start hearing about one of the seven succulent wonders of the seven seas, Captain Thom’s Slappin’ Fat Bacon Ketchup.