The Super Bowl Bacon Game

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We’re Talkin’ Pigskin Pandemonium!

Get your ticket for a great time on Super Sunday and stock up on bacon for the big game—because we have an even bigger game you need to play right in your own living room. And the best part is, the most nonathletic couch potatoes are usually the odds-on favorites to win.

How to play:
1. Fry up your bacon
2. Plate it and sit down in front of the TV

Rules of play:
1. Every time you hear the word “touchdown,” eat one strip of bacon.
2. If you hear the word “replay,” repeat rule #1.
3. If there is any reference to how the two coaches are brothers, take three strips.
4. If there is a wardrobe malfunction at halftime, wipe your greasy fingers before you tweet about it. Then, go in the kitchen and fry more bacon for the 2nd half.
5. For every commercial that makes you laugh, finish laughing before eating another strip, so you don’t choke.
6. When the game is over, if a player other than a quarterback wins the game MVP, finish whatever is on your plate and party on.
7. If the Ravens win, buy more bacon.
8. If the 49ers win, buy more bacon.

Enjoy the game, and bacon on!

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