Subway Toronto Has No Canadian Bacon

On a recent trip to Toronto, ON, Canada we stopped in a Subway restaurant to grab the tastiest sandwich they have to offer and to do a little bacovestigating (that’s right, bacon + investigating).

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Subway Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich

We ordered up the Chicken & Bacon Ranch sandwich and were shocked when we saw REAL, REGULAR bacon being added to the sandwich. When asked if we could have Canadian bacon instead of the bacon they were adding they looked at us with confusion and said “this is what comes on the sandwich.” Apparently, the folks at this particular Subway weren’t quite sure about the difference between Canadian bacon and regular bacon. Further investigation may be in order to find out the local bacon knowledge of Toronto residents.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around Mike’s Smasteâ„¢ calculation, but if I have my numbers right I’m thinking this is on the low end with a Smasteulatorâ„¢ Rating of 19.478. The bacony aroma was seriously lacking and I’m sad to say the taste was not up to the usual Chicken & Bacon Ranch standards to which this bacon fan has grown accustomed.

–Mr. B.

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