Subway Toronto Has No Canadian Bacon

September 22, 2008 12:01 pm Published by 17 Comments

On a recent trip to Toronto, ON, Canada we stopped in a Subway restaurant to grab the tastiest sandwich they have to offer and to do a little bacovestigating (that’s right, bacon + investigating).

Subway Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich

We ordered up the Chicken & Bacon Ranch sandwich and were shocked when we saw REAL, REGULAR bacon being added to the sandwich. When asked if we could have Canadian bacon instead of the bacon they were adding they looked at us with confusion and said “this is what comes on the sandwich.” Apparently, the folks at this particular Subway weren’t quite sure about the difference between Canadian bacon and regular bacon. Further investigation may be in order to find out the local bacon knowledge of Toronto residents.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around Mike’s Smaste™ calculation, but if I have my numbers right I’m thinking this is on the low end with a Smasteulator™ Rating of 19.478. The bacony aroma was seriously lacking and I’m sad to say the taste was not up to the usual Chicken & Bacon Ranch standards to which this bacon fan has grown accustomed.

–Mr. B.

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  • Linn says:

    What you call Canadian bacon is called “back bacon” in Canada. Still doesn’t explain why they didn’t have it at the Subway there, but it does explain the confused looks you got.

  • Evan says:

    Needs way more bacon.

  • Shawnee says:

    As far as I know, we don’t even have Canadian Bacon in Quebec. Every time I’ve gone to the States and had Canadian Bacon, I tasted it and called it ham.

  • jrriddle says:

    The next time you are in Toronto go to St. Lawrence Market on Front St. for a peameal bacon sandwich. That’s the real Canadian Bacon sandwich. In fact the whole market is pork heaven.

  • Kelly says:

    I dont think you can get “Canadian Bacon” anywhere in Canada. Like Linn said, it’s called back bacon here. The reason why it’s prolly not avail at Subway is that its a higher quality meat, so it costs more.

  • Robert says:

    Back Bacon is a category for any cured boneless loin from the back of the pig, in the same way as side bacon is from the meat adjoining the side ribs of the pig. Peameal Bacon is one type of back bacon, which is freshly cured in a brine and then rolled in cornmeal. It is a Toronto(Canadian) specialty and a tradition to have when at the St. Lawrence Market. Carousel Bakery in the market has been serving these beauties for years and has received international acclaim from Taiwan to Israel(You read it right) from Italy to Japan from Denmark to Brazil and places inbetween. When in Toronto, come and experience a St. Lawrence Market tradition, you will not be disappointed, Eh!!

  • NJam101 says:

    I live in Northern Ontario and I didn’t know what peameal bacon was until I tried it in Southern Ontario. I saw Canadian Bacon in the U.S. and was surprised that it was called “Canadian” when the bacon I had always eaten was the regular kind.

    I know for sure that French speaking Canadians don’t eat peameal/Canadian bacon. I haven’t seen it in Quebec as well. Seems to be something that came from Toronto but really didn’t become popular outside Southern Ontario except for where it is served in the states.

  • Sc0urg3 says:

    I agree with NJam101. I’m from Quebec, and I had no idea what Canadian bacon was. Isn’t it just regular smoked ham? I really have no idea. To me, and everybody else I know, bacon is bacon, and bacon is delicious.

  • compass says:

    I think the problem stems from the Americans’ habit of making fun of Canadians. Just look at South Park and you’ll realize that Americans really do enjoy making fun of our regular-bacon-eater neighbors. In England, it’s just a muffin. Here, it’s on the menu at McDonald’s with a scottish sounding twist, but it’s an “english” muffin. In France, they’ve got “les frites.” Of course, now we have to call them Freedom Fries, which is just stupid. Go to Philadelphia and ask for a Philly cheese steak. They’ll ask you if there’s any other kind and laugh at you. So while you guys eat bacon and ham, we like to think your idea of bacon MUST be screwy somehow. I’m not saying it’s right, but America likes to insult Canadians. If it makes you feel any better, you could call bacon “American Ham.” Man, that sounds dumb. Never mind.

  • lou says:

    Canadian bacon is called back bacon. It is very expensive and it is more like ham. It is really not a Toronto thing as it is widely available all over canada if you call it back bacon.

  • Larry says:

    Here in Canada, what you call “regular bacon” is side bacon, and, as so many have pointed out, “Canadian Bacon” is back bacon. Most chains like Subway don’t have much choice in their ingredients, as they have to order what Head Office specifies, with cost probably being the main factor.
    You’d probably have to shop around to find a smaller, local chain or an independent shop that serves back bacon on their sandwiches. Next time, visit Hamilton (35 miles west of Toronto) and check out some of our sub shops and delis. You might be pleasantly surprised.

  • Scott says:

    Yes Hamilton has it’s fair share of great Sub shops. In particular Queen Subs at Queen and main…..AWESOME. Support the Independents.

  • Mike says:

    I’m with Robert. Go to Carousel Bakery in the St. Lawrence Market. It’s located at Front and Jarvis Streets. It’s not open on Monday and it closes before 5 p.m. so go for lunch. You’re looking for a “peameal” bacon sandwhich which is back bacon with a crust of peameal — I assume to suck out the fat. It’s an awesome sandwich.

    Just for trivia, one of Toronto’s nick names is “Hogtown.” It used to be a big center for slaughtering pigs.

  • Nakataq says:

    More props out to Carousel Bakery in St. Lawrence Market, The Peameal in a Bun is worth the wait at the crazy line-ups on Saturday morning. It’s even better with egg.

    For our visitors from the U.S. seeking “Canadian” Bacon. Most diners, greasy spoon, and family restaurants will offer it on their breakfast menus. Just remember to ask for “Back” or “Peameal” bacon. Not very common at any U.S. based chain restaurant up here, Subway included.

  • Chris S. says:

    What is Canadian bacon?

    Canadian bacon is back bacon, known as “Peameal Bacon” in Canada and was unique to Canada until now. Real Canadian bacon is made from main muscle boneless pork loins, short cut from the leaner portion of the loin to give a more uniform product. External fat is trimmed to within 1/8″. It is then sweet pickle cured and rolled in the traditional golden cornmeal coating, giving it the Real Canadian bacon peameal trademark. This is not “Canadian-style” bacon and is vastly different from what is commonly found in the United States. The term “peameal” comes from the ground yellow peas with which the bacon was originally coated. This ensured better curing and shelf life and avoided bacterial problems. Over the years this tradition was changed to cornmeal, due to the availability of corn.

    Why is Canadian bacon so famous?

    Around the turn of the last century or as they say “during the war years”, England had a pork shortage. They imported “side bacon” from Canada, smoked it and termed it “Wiltshire Sides” in England. Due to this event Canadian bacon was made famous. Over time the United States believed that Canadian bacon was smoked back bacon although true Canadian bacon is not smoked.

  • NJam101 says:

    Back bacon is not widely available across Canada. I live in Timmins, Ontario and only see it on occasion at certain grocery stores. It is not something that is a big seller when available. I’ve never heard of anybody buying it here. I looked for it in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec at many stores and couldn’t find it. One thing I learned is that it is not eaten by French-Canadians. Timmins is 45% francophone and most anglophones are not mainly of British ancestry. It seems to be popular in Southern Ontario and with people from mainly British background.

    I’m wondering: It is popular and widely available in Atlantic Canada? Western Canada?

    Southern Ontario including Toronto is closer to large American cities so it makes sense that many Americans found out about it and somehow believed that this “bacon” represented our whole country.

  • paul says:

    I would like to know how come you guys advertise footlong steak sub for $5.oo on television Iorder a steak sub this morning I was charged $12.00 that is false advertisement far as I concerned thanks.

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