Stuffers in Irvine

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There’s a little corporate sandwich hole in the wall in Irvine, CA called Stuffers. It’s one of those places that has 101 sandwiches listed on the wall, which is a number they achieve by listing every combination of sandwich accessories as a separate sandwich. Thus, Turkey-avocado might be sandwich #1, which means turkey-avocado-cheese becomes sandwich #2 and turkey-avocado-cheese-bacon might become sandwich #3. Regardless, it makes for a good looking, oversized wall menu that really draws in the suit-and-tie customers.

I drop in from time to time if I am in the neighborhood on a weekday and I am always pleased with the product. They do a really good job of putting together a tasty sandwich there. Yay for them!

I recently decided I wanted to try a tuna sandwich and I figured that I would add bacon, of course! Their back was crispy, salty and (this earned them extra points) broken into small pieces. Yes, folks, real live bacon bits! Awesome!

Way to go, Stuffers, you have earned a place in the collective hearts of BT.

— Mr. B

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