Stocking Up for the Winter?

May 16, 2009 12:01 am Published by 1 Comment

FailBlog is always good for some late night entertainment, but not too long ago it was good for some baco-tainment, too. Check out this story about five pounds of missing bacon from a recent FailBlog article…


Wait for it…

Think about it…

Yup, there it is! You definitely read about the combination of the phrases “five pounds of bacon” and “late night snack”. 

Admittedly, I’m not a big eater. Sure, I can pack it away when I go on a binge, but in general, I tend to have smaller meals. Even in my wildest dreams, though, I can’t quite figure out how to eat five pounds of bacon at once. When I buy a pound of bacon it lasts me two days, and even then I get some help eating it. 

Here are some other thoughts…

Did she eat it raw? If not, how could her husband miss the smell of five pounds of bacon being cooked in the middle of the night?

And who keeps five pounds of bacon laying around?

BT is both proud and scared of this story. But we also support the general idea of eating lots of bacon, which means that we’ll be looking for more to this tale.  If you know anything, please shoot us an email and fill us in.

— Mike

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  • Dave says:

    If I was able to put away a delicious 5 pounds of bacon as a midnight snack, not only would I brag it would be my epitaph.

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