Spreadable Bacon: Bacon Jam

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Home Canning is making a big comeback. But who wants to can fruits and vegetables when you could can your own meaty bacon? We’ve been “bottling bacon” for a while, so we’re glad to see this trend is catching on. This Bacon Jam recipe made our mouths water when we first saw it on Baked Bree’s blog. Not only is it loaded with Bacon, it has some of our other favorite ingredients as well. Like coffee. And booze! With Bacon Jam, you can easily fit Bacon into your meals and snacks with the least amount of effort possible. Because some days you just need to be lazy—we understand!

Keep a jar of this spread handy in your refrigerator at home and at work for whenever you need to feel the Bacon Love. Slather this scrumptious Bacon Jam on your breakfast toast, biscuits, pancakes or waffles. For lunch, try it on a turkey sandwich to infuse it with Bacon flavor. Spread it on crackers or flatbread and top with your favorite cheese for an afternoon snack. At dinner, it’s the perfect burger or baked potato topping. If you want to take a meaty stab at making this awesome Bacon Jam, visit Baked Bree’s blog for the complete recipe.

We know that sometimes life can get hectic, especially when you’re too busy thinking about yummy bacon. So, if you find that you’re lacking the time or skills for making your own Bacon Jam, don’t fret—we’ve got you covered. You can buy your own supply of delicious Bacon Jams from Baconfreak.com. You can find our Skillet Bacon Spread HERE.

All photos credited to Bree Hester at BakedBree.com.

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