Spike TVs Top 10 Creative Ways To Enjoy Bacon

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Is it just purely coincidence or is there some cosmic connection, where one can’t help but notice that so many serious, deeply dedicated “Bacon Freaks” also tend to … at least on an occasion or two, view some of the very fine programming made available over us all over at Spike TV?

Well, it was clearly just a matter of time before the good folks over at Spike TV decided to make a Top Ten List of the Most Creative Ways To Enjoy Bacon!

Here’s what they came up with. Let us know if you agree or not and if not, what bacon “enjoyment deployment” did they inadvertently leave off of their list? We’d love to hear (read) your thoughts.

Keep in mind … that’s “your thoughts” that we want to read …not “your minds!” If we could read your minds, then we’d already know what you think about the list and that would take all the fun out your writing to us about what you think should be on the list.

Here’s their list:

#10: Bacon Laced Cinnamon Rolls 9: A Bacon Weave of Anything8: Bacon Bowl SaladBaconator”6: Bacon Rolling Papers



#7: Wendy’s “


#5: Bacon Gingerbread Cookies

#4: Chicken Fried Bacon

#3: Bacon Martini

#2: Candied Bacon Fudge

1: The Bacon Henge

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