SPECIAL UPDATE – Bacon Today Theme Song

July 18, 2008 8:01 pm Published by 1 Comment

For those of you working on your own renditions of the Bacon Today theme song, we have a special update — the lyrics have been changed slightly. A couple folks noticed that we repeated the word “stories” and wanted a more gracefully flowing use of the English language. That’s not to say that you folks recording the theme song in other languages won’t still have issues but hey, we’re only human right?

So record your version and send it in, or call the Bacon Today hotline at (303) 536-5191 and sing it live!

Bacon Today
It’s Bacon Today
You can read ’bout tastey bacon nearly
Ev-er-y day
We’ve got stories, pictures, videos
They’re all fun
It’s all a-bout
the bacon.

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