Soy Bacon Causes Low Sperm Count

August 5, 2008 12:01 am Published by 3 Comments

As reported on Sky News:

“researchers in the US found that those with the highest soya intake had average counts of 41 million/ml lower than those of men who did not consume soya products.”

Eat the real stuff guys & lay off the soy-based bacon products. Keep your little swimmers happy and healthy.

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  • BL-T says:

    A strip of juicy bacon every night is the reason for all the little bacon bits running around my house.

    –BL Hold The T

  • patric says:

    No,soy products don’t lower your sperm count. They just increase the amount of fluid released making the amount of sperm per ml lower. Bacon is terrible for you,it will make you fat and it will decrease your likely hood to have sex so the amount of sperm you are producing won’t matter if you have nothing to shoot it in but your toilet bowl.

  • chastity says:

    @patric, bacon does not make you fat, eating it in a large and unhealthy amount makes you fat some protien is good for you and after all bacon is one of those foods that is kind of hard to replace, turkey bacon is rubbery
    soy bacon is funky and its just not the same.. but i’ve found that browning ham tastes and smells like bacon just doesnt have the crunch or fat

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