Sonoran Hot Dog

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Just like the Danger Dog, (Street-Dog, LA Dogs, the names could go on), the Sonoran Hot Dog is a bacon wrapped hot dog but with a Mexican twist.

These delicious dogs originated in Hermosillo, Mexico but have become quite popular throughout Arizona. Sonoran Hot Dogs are the latest crossover of Mexican flavors with an all American classic. They originated as a late night snack for hungry party animals heading home after closing time. Their zest comes from building your dog just the way you want it, but building off the basics.

Get a beef hot dog and wrap it like a mummy with bacon. A Mesquite or Jalapeno flavored bacon would work best!

Fry it on a griddle until the bacon gets crisp. Some people like to fry the bacon a little first and then wrap it around the hot dog and then fry them both in the bacon grease.

Take a hot dog bun or Bolillo roll that has been slit to make a pocket in the middle. If you want, you can toast them a little or, in the case of the Bolillo roll, steam it for a minute to make it soft. Work with what you have on hand or what you feel like.

Put mayo, mustard and ketchup on the bun and insert the bacon-wrapped dog. If you want to squirt the mayo on top, like they do at the stands, mix it with a little lemon juice or water to thin it out. Put it into a squeeze bottle or sandwich bag with a corner cut off and squeeze it on top when you are done, along with the mustard and ketchup.

Add warm pinto beans, cheese (shredded Mexican cotija cheese, cheddar, whatever), chopped tomatoes, chopped onions, sliced or blended jalapenos and chili! Delicious!

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