Sonic Drive-In’s New Bacon Items

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Sonic Drive-In’s New Bacon Items

Sonic Drive-In recently debuted its new Cheesy Bread, so we took this opportunity to sample some of their bacony-good offerings. First up was the Ultimate Cheese and Bacon Cheesy Bread Dog. Do you love cheese? Bread? Hot dogs? Umm, we know you love bacon, otherwise you wouldn’t be here…. If you love all these things, then you need to try this hot dog.

It’s a 100% beef hot dog, topped with melted cheddar cheese sauce and crispy bacon. All this yumminess is encased in the cheesy bread. The bun is very substantial. It’s soft and chewy, and the cheese flavor is mild. If you like a very doughy bun, this is the bun for you. The cheddar cheese sauce was a bit on the salty side although not overwhelmingly so. It had good cheesy flavor and I would eat it by the spoonful if I could. I’m happy to say there was a lot of bacon on the hot dog. It was very crispy and cooked perfectly. It added the perfect amount of salty crispy flavor.


Next up was the Cheesy Bacon Pretzel Dog. It has cheesy sauce, grilled onions, and bacon in a pretzel bun. The addition of the grilled onions added another layer of flavor that my taste buds appreciated. I preferred the pretzel bun to the cheesy bread bun. Again, the amount of bun is substantial and if you like soft, doughy bread with your hot dog, you’ll be a fan. The bun:hot dog ratio leans too much to the bun side, so I removed half the bun and ate it that way. Then I ate the other half of the pretzel bun, covered in cheese sauce, by itself. Mmm! Hopefully Sonic will make the pretzel bun a permanent addition to its menu.


The last thing I sampled was the Peanut Butter and Bacon Shake. Now, I like peanut butter and bacon, but I’m not in love with this combo as much as I am with bacon and chocolate. So, I wasn’t expecting to love this shake. However, it didn’t have a strong peanut butter flavor. The shake is served with a spoon vs. a straw for good reason: there’s big ol’ chunks of bacon in this shake! The combo of rich, smooth ice cream and salty bacon is a win-win in my books. It could’ve used more bacon in my opinion, but I feel that way about most things.

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