Sometimes You Just Have To Ask Yourself What Do Bacon Do?

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Walt Disney had himself quite an impressive collection of highly inspired and craftily creative “Imagineers.” Well today I’m here to introduce you to another artistically adept group of inventive entities.

You see, way up in the mysteriously majestic, magical moors of the well forested Pacific Northwest, a gathering of playfully prolific and enthusiastically energetic “Baconeers” have come together to ask that age old question that true, deeply devout Bacon Freaks  have been asking themselves for perhaps centuries, if not longer: What Do Bacon Do?”

Now you can find out for yourself, as there just happens to conveniently be a website / blog of that very name, “What Do Bacon Do” where passionate pork people can go to interactively create their very own bacon oriented art projects, including some of the most hilariously funny and … OK … I’ll say it … “adorable” little “Bacon Buddies” you ever have seen.

The intent is to create a very relaxed, comfortable, “interactive” environment where people can talk, laugh, play and dream about al things bacon.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really do need to click over there and pay them a visit and be sure to let them know that “Bacon Today” sent you by to say hello!

This porcine public portal is proudly and passionate presented by 3 serious Baconistas, namely “Bacon Mama” Kathy J. Rose who, in her own words, “kind of runs the whole hog,” Uncle Mike Lahue, the site’s official ‘Director of Porkduction” and craftsman who actually “makes” the bacon dudes and Kathy’s best pal, the lovely Ms. Wendy Watkins, who is the creative director who adds her crispy magic to the whole gig!

So you can see; this most definitely is a family friendly “friend and family affair!”

Kathy explains that “Each bacon person comes with a birth certificate and creative license.  This license entitles the bearer to create awesome things of fun and wonder for the rest of their lives and the license holder can affix their own image to the license.”

Bacon Mama continues by explaining that “What we LOVE about this project is that it gets strangers laughing and talking together.  We’re in a world that’s both ‘uber connected’ and sort of disconnected from the basic face to face human interactions. It’s awesome to see people’s faces light up when they start playing with the bacon dudes and creating things together.”

“The bacon people project slogan is “building a better world through laughter…and bacon” and this resonates from our company dinner meetings in Seattle parks with peanut butter and jelly to our “baconize yourself” machine at craft fairs where people can dress up like bacon and take pics of themselves.”  

What DO Bacon Do welcomes you to the craftier side of bacon (Mmmmmmm … side of bacon!!!) where you can become the artist of your own bacon adventures and share them with others while both “makin’ bacon” and the world that we live in, a better place for us all. With that “Viva la meat candy!” can do attitude.

According to Kathy, the “Bacon People” are “handmade with love in the USA using bacon-related rocket science techniques and good old Pennsylvania Dutch know-how. We are building a better world through the bacon arts by encouraging healthy amounts of laughing with strangers and high consumption of good times.”

Check it out for yourself and have a totally awesome time.

OK, well in the increasingly popular words of Kathy the Bacon Mama …”Stay crispy!”

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  • Anna says:

    I have a bacon person (ordered him through Etsy)!!!! I got in before these crispy bacon dudes were popular and am so glad! Me and my limited-edition Bacon Cyclops will sit together to watch when Bacon Mama, Uncle Mike & Wendy are on Oprah. 🙂 It’s a perfect activity for my Bacon Cyclops because it requires no depth perception. I’m glad What Do Bacon Do is sweeping the nation.

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