So How Good Is Broadbent Country Ham & Bacon – $1.6 Million Good!

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Gourmet “Foodies” and dedicated “Baconistas” alike have been spending a lot of time talking about all of the various economic factors and theoretical possibilities behind the current perceived “value increase” in all things bacon lately, but no one was prepared for the reality of what actually went down in the world of bacon on that fateful day that no Bacon Freak will ever be able to forget, August 26, 2010,

That was the day that the going rate for a very famous and popular Broadbent Country Ham was a tidy little $99,688.47 per pound, making the total cost for this most spectacular of hams an whopping record breaking $1.6 million dollars.

So, as you can imagine, this most definitely was not any ordinary event, but was in fact, the official annual auction that took place at the Kentucky Farm Bureau’s 47th Annual Country Ham Breakfast.  

Also, while everyone in attendance had the best intentions of raising some serious funds for some very notable and noble charitable causes, this most certainly was not just any old country ham that drew such magnanimous attention, but was in fact, this years 2010 Kentucky State Fair’s Grand Champion Country Ham, most elegantly displayed on an ornate silver platter, completely surrounded by roses, and enthusiastically carried around the room like royalty by none other than the very gorgeous and cordial, “Miss Kentucky” herself. 

So while more than 450 pounds of premium quality country ham was served up as the delicious main course entrée at this breakfast gathering, what really tipped the scales at this event was the eventual record bid of $1.6 million dollars to purchase a country ham weighting a mere 16.05 pounds. 

Now that my dear friends, is some seriously expensive pork!

Our heartfelt congratulations and official “10 Snout Salute” go out to our good friends over at Broadbent’s, who besides their award wining hams, make a mighty fine gourmet quality bacon that we highly recommend and love as well!

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