Snake or Bacon? Funny Kids Bacon Snake Video

Alyssa McEwen, a mother in Utah with seven children under the age of 6, recorded a video of her 3-year-old triplets that sure to be a classic bacon video on the internet. You have to watch this bacon snake video for yourself, it’s pretty hilarious.

There aren’t many bacon snake videos on the internet, in fact this is the first one we’ve seen. Have you seen any others?

If you’ve seen any other bacon snake videos, please let us know in the comments. We’re always on the lookout for anything that combines hilarious videos and bacon.

Bacon Snake Video Back Story

bacon snake video graphic

As she told the Today Show, Alyssa McEwen’s 3-year-old triplets, Georgia Kate, Miley Mae, and Staten can be seen in the bacon snake video arguing in the kitchen of their home. Miley Mae is sure that the potentially dangerous object is simply bacon, but Georgia Kate and her brother Staten are positive it’s a scary snake!

McEwen asks the kids in the bacon snake video “If it’s bacon, why don’t you hold it?” and the children recoil…just in case it’s actually a snake and not simply a piece of bacon on the kitchen floor.

One commenter on Instagram dubbed the mystery creator a “snacon,” which is pretty funny. Reminds us a bit of our own word, Smaste™.

Another person commented that “I love that the one who thinks it’s bacon at the beginning is way more distressed about it than the snake believer”.

McEwen told The Today Show that she noticed the intense conversation her triples were having while she was feeding her 2-month-old baby boy. So she grabbed her phone and started filming.

Boy, are we glad she did. Any time we can get this level of humor with both bacon and snakes, we’re pretty impressed. And with over 700,000 likes in just a couple weeks it seems like the bacon snake video loving public is in total agreement with us.

Does McEwen have any regrets about the video? “My only regret is not taking a bite in front of them.” she said on Instagram.

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