Smuggling Drugs with Bacon

October 29, 2008 12:01 am Published by 2 Comments

We reported earlier this month that criminals in the U.K. allegedly stole bacon which they sold to pay for their drug habit. While we can’t fathom how drugs could possibly be better than bacon, we do not advocate bacon theft in any way. We would much rather see someone with a “will work for bacon” sign on a freeway offramp than hear of bacon being stolen from innocent shopkeepers.

Which brings us to today’s story. Apparently, the underbelly (see what I did there?) of the U.K. criminal scene is nearly as obsessed with bacon as we are here at Bacon Today. 42 year old Phillip Tasker was arrested earlier this month for transporting boxes of bacon filled with a considerable amount of heroin.

Officials estimate the street value of the drugs around 3 million British pounds. We estimate the value of the bacon he wasted to hide the heroin to be much greater than that.

Say no to drugs. Say yes to bacon.

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