S’mores Bacon Pancakes

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S’mores Bacon Pancakes

Did you know that International Pancake Day is on the same day as Shrove Tuesday, or more popularly know as Mardi Gras? Well, now you do, so don’t miss out. This year International Pancake Day is on Tuesday, February 9th. Pancakes are always amplified by bacon. It’s probably the perfect breakfast combination. Actually, we think bacon and pancakes are good at any time of the day. And let’s take things to the next level by mixing up this breakfast specialty with a dessert twist. We combined Boss Hog’s Maple Pancake Mix and Bacon Bits with chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers to create these ooey gooey S’more Bacon Pancakes. Top these tasty hotcakes with more chocolate, graham, and marshmallows or even drizzle with maple syrup and dollop of whipped cream as well. Boss Hog’s Maple Bacon Pancake Mix has so much maple flavor, you probably don’t even need any syrup, but a little extra sweetness never hurt anyone *wink*.

S'mores Bacon Pancakes

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