Smoked, Bacon-Wrapped, Pulled-Pork the Wright Sauce Way

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smoked-bacon-wrapped-pulled-pork-the-wright-sauce-wayConsidering how big bacon is right now, it was only a matter of time before a Bacon BBQ sauce was born. Adam Wright, from Wake Forest, North Carolina, is the inventor of “The Wright Sauce,” a BBQ sauce with real bacon in it. His bacony-good sauces were recently featured on the new TV show “Supermarket Superstar” on the Lifetime Network. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to make a killer bacon recipe utilizing these awesome sauces!

Adam’s passion for cooking started at an early age. As a kid, he was always in the kitchen and even had an easy-bake oven. The sauce recipe started as a traditional family recipe for BBQ meatballs that his family made every year at Christmas. Over the years, he has perfected the sauce to his liking to achieve a complexity of flavor that strikes the perfect balance between sweet, savory, spicy and tangy. In 2012, Adam entered a rib contest and sold many jars of his sauce, and knew he was on to something. In September, he appeared as a contestant on “Supermarket Superstar.” The Wright Sauce had a full focus group endorsement, and Chef Michael Chiarello and Debbie Fields proclaimed it one of the best BBQ sauces they had ever tasted.


So just what makes the Wright Sauce so right? His recipe utilizes locally-sourced honey, bacon, and habanero peppers. He uses only the freshest ingredients, and lets them simmer and meld for hours. And only real, quality bacon goes into his BBQ sauce. Adam says, “Most of the sauces out there aren’t very tasteful or innovative. I want to change the BBQ sauce industry. I feel that the products I produce are not only the best, but also are unlike anything you have ever had.”

We decided to try out one of Adam’s recipes, using 2 different varieties of The Wright Sauce. His Bacon-Wrapped, Smoked Pork Butt recipe spoke to our bacon-loving, pork-loving souls. The recipe is simple and delicious. Simply rub a pork butt with Montreal steak seasoning, wrap it in bacon, cover it in sauce and then slow-smoke it over mesquite or hickory chips.

We made two roasts, and used the Honey Apple Bacon Sauce on one, and the Honey Habanero Bacon Sauce on the other. The Honey Apple Bacon Sauce is slightly sweeter and tangy, with a complexity of flavor that is not overwhelmingly sweet. The Honey Habanero Bacon Sauce has a bit of a kick to it, although the spice level is not over-powering. It has a delicious, peppery-sweet taste to it. We served up the roast on toasted hoagies and added copious amounts of the squealicious sauce. For those who love a hot BBQ sauce, the Flaming Bacon Sauce was made for you. We’re happy that bacon and BBQ sauce have finally met, and that their relationship continues to flourish. You can order The Wright Sauce here.



– All-Natural Pork Butt (weight is up to you)
– Montreal Seasoning or Steak Seasoning
– 1-2 Packages of Thick-Cut Bacon
– 1 Bottle The Wright Sauce (preferred flavor)
– 3-4 cups Hickory or Mesquite wood chips
– Toothpicks
– Water


Prepare the Pork Butt:

– Cut off any large fatty areas on the outside of the pork butt.
– Rub seasoning all over the meat.
– Using toothpicks, wrap several bacon strips around the meat until completely covered. – You’ll want to soak the toothpicks in water for at least 20-30 minutes before using them. This will ensure that they don’t burn in the smoker.
– If you like, you can prepare the meat the night before and allow the spices to absorb into the pork butt.
– Allow the pork to sit out at room temperature for about 30 minutes to an hour.

Smoking the Pork Butt:

– Soak the wood chips in a large bowl filled with water.
– Heat the smoker to 225° F. By the time the smoker is hot, the wood chips should be wet enough.
– Place a handful of wet chips into the smoker in the specified area (consult your smoker’s manual beforehand).
– Now you can load the pork butt into the smoker.
– During the last 1-2 hours of smoking time, you’ll want to pull out the meat and baste it with The Wright Sauce, coating it completely. Put it back in the smoker for the remaining time.

Cooking Time:

You will want the pork butt to smoke for 1.5-2 hours per pound. So, a 7-pound pork butt will need to smoke for 10-14 hours. The internal temperature of the meat should reach 180-200° F before it’s ready to eat.

Serving the Pork Butt:

Once the internal temp has reached at least 180° F, take the pork butt out of the smoker and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before cutting. For pulled pork, use two strong forks to pull the meat apart. You can also slice it up or chop it into cubes. Pour more of The Wright Sauce over the meat, serve and enjoy!

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