Smoked Bacon-Weave Mac’n Cheese Log

December 2, 2010 5:00 am Published by 3 Comments

A Bacon Today reader made this delicious dish for Thanksgiving and wanted to share it with all the other bacon lovers out there.

I used 1 package of craft mac’n cheese and 3 packages of of thick sliced center cut bacon. I made the mac’n cheese the night before and put it in a bowl to chill in the fridge. The next morning I made the bacon-weave. To lengthen the roll I used 2 pieces of bacon with about an inch to 2 inches of the ends overlapping.

Once the weave was made I added a thin layer of mac’n cheese. I made sure I left about and inch to an inch and a half on the sides, and about 2 inches on the bottom for the roll.

After I rolled the log, I put it in the smoker.I had my temp around 300-350 degrees while it on the rack. At that temperature, it took approximately 3 1/2 hours to cook. Enjoy!

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