Slater’s 50/50 Bacon Burger Review

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50% Bacon + 50% Beef = 100% Scrumptious

Best Bacon Infused Burger in So Cal…By Far

by field reporter James Harter

After a two hour workout, how better to reward yourself, than a bountiful bacon bonanza while catching up with your out of town brother-in-law (Tom), over a refreshing pitcher of Land Shark.

But enough with the small talk, let’s get down to bacon business. After a nice chat with Brad Lyons, the Executive Chef and Director of Operations of Slater’s 50/50 Burgers by Design, it was clear that a passion for bacon and burgers ran through his arteries.  He kindly made a few recommendations, with the standard 50/50 burger among the top picks along with the Bacon Mac and Cheese as a must do, which of course we did (c’mon it has bacon and cheese, what’s not to love).

Being adventurous and having a craving for Feta, I couldn’t resist the build your own option, which came with an a la carte checklist to build your very own burger masterpiece.

Accoutrements to rebuild Bacon Today’s burger shown here:

  • The 50/50- 50% Bacon, 50% Beef
  • 1/3 lb (choice up to a full pound for the hungry)
  • Whole Wheat Squaw Bun
  • Feta Cheese
  • Red Onion
  • Green Leaf Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Avocado
  • Baconnaise spread

*Bacon Lover’s option- Slap on Thick Cut Bacon or Turkey Bacon if desired to put your burger over the top.

mac-n-cheeseAfter a bit of a wait, the Bacon Mac and Cheese (pictured) made it out first and served as a great creamy appetizer to help rev up your bacon buds.  Between the two of us, we made quick work of it.  Now, it was the moment of glory and what I had looked forward to all day.  When my custom creation arrived, the presentation was excellent and as I took the time to snap a few photos to share with my fellow bacon lovers, Tom had polished off his 1/3 lb 50/50 and was somewhat shocked I was still relishing in bacon appreciation mode.  I, along with one of the servers had wondered where his burger disappeared to.  After ruling out the Hamburglar, we agreed a savage hunger fit was the culprit. Needless to say, Tom was a fan.

jamesNow, it was my turn.  Gently squeezing the 5-1/2  inch tall burger to a manageable edible height, I dove in and savored the tender burger with the instant flavor of bacon, blasting away at the bacon buds.  Oh yeah, now that’s a tasty burger! It was love at first bacon bite, intensified by the baconaise spread (a secret blend of mayonaise and bacon salt) on the top bun- definitely a good call for bacon lovers.  The burger and crumbled feta seemed to almost dissolve with every bite, complemented by the sweetness of the wheat squaw bun and red onions.  The slices of avocado added a nice firm texture, while the fresh tomato, pickles and lettuce served their juicy purpose.

Bacon Budget: Under $40 for two flavorful burgers ($9 each) a side and a pitcher of beer, it proved to be a great value for the quality that could match up nicely with your favorite stuffy steakhouse.

Slater’s, celebrating its two month anniversary, is still breaking in their beer taps and settling into the cozy Anaheim Hills community. Founder, Scott Slater and Chef, Brad Lyons, were old fraternity brothers who reunited several years after college to create a culinary adventure worth following.  If you are a true bacon and/or burger lover, definitely find some time to stop by to make your own creation, then share your favorites with Bacon Today.  For more details visit,

What’s next? Perhaps the peanut butter and jelly bacon burger, recommended by Chef Lyons, which I’ll definitely have to try to believe.

With over 300,000 combinations for your burger by design, your only problem will be choosing which burger to try.  To make it even more of a dilemma, you can build your own milkshake too!  So many choices and so little time before hunger sets in!

A big bacon bravo from Bacon Today.  Smaste™ rating of a whopping 43.959.

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  • Joe Clarkson says:

    WOW! That has got to be the greatest introduction to a “BACON” burger never yet tasted. I know the fifteen mile journey Judy and I will make next Wednesday will be worth the trip. If James is correct this indeed will be the GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! The anticipation is killing me. I guess the only choice left to make is what beer to enjoy it with?

  • Bacon man says:

    OMG! is it true I can’t believe it! is this place just made of bacon do they have anything but bacon!? I think my life is now complete please I can’t wait to eat here everyday for the rest of my short bacon filled life! bacon baaaacon bacoooon baaaacoooon!!!!! bacon………bacon?…………………………….

    BACON OUT……………….

  • Paul says:

    I love Slater’s, but you totally messed up by getting the squaw bun. The squaw bun’s flavor runs contrary to and kills the flavor of almost any burger you build – it especially fights the 50/50 patty.

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