Skillet Bacon Spread and Skillet Diner Seattle

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You’re probably familiar with Skillet Bacon Spread? If not, plant your keister in a chair because you should be sitting down when you hear this. Skillet Bacon Spread is a sweet and savory bacon jam that you can add to just about anything to make it bacony better. Burgers and sandwiches, pancakes and waffles, or heck, just slather it on toast for an amazing bacon experience. I mean, the possibilities are endless when it comes to this stuff. And the fact that it’s portable means you can store it at the office, in your pantry, in your emergency bunker. You get the idea. You can eat it anytime, anywhere.

While Skillet Bacon Spread is available across the country, those lucky ducks who reside in the Seattle area can dine at Skillet Diner. On a recent trip to the PNW, I was a lucky Seattle duck for a day and was able to sample Skillet’s amazing bacon-infused menu. Their signature item has to be what is simply titled “the burger.”

the bacon burger skillet diner seattle

The beef is sustainably-raised Montana Wagyu, and it made the juiciest, most tender burger. The ginormous patty was cooked perfectly to medium, and it rested on a thick, brioche bun that made me wonder if “brioche” is French for crack. The bottom bun absorbed all the juices oozing from the burger as I cut into it (there’s no picking this burger up). Halfway through, the bun had become infused with all the delicious fat and grease from the burger, and yet, it wasn’t soggy.

the bacon burger skillet diner seattle

The “creamy blue cheese” sauce mellowed out the normally pungent tang of blue cheese by blending it with a creamy, brie-like cheese. And the generous smear of bacon jam gave it just the right hint of sweetness. Have I mentioned the bacon yet? It was piled generously on and crisped to perfection.

the bacon burger skillet diner seattle

For dessert, we had even more bacon, candied this time and piled high on the “Fried Waffle and Bacon Caramel Sundae.” The flavor of bourbon was heavy in the ice cream (me likey). This over-the-top dessert was the perfect end to a perfect meal. Next time I’m in Seattle, I know where I’ll be dining! Until then, I’ve got Skillet Bacon Spread to comfort me.

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