Shoplifting Bacon From Grocery Store

October 17, 2008 12:01 am Published by 4 Comments

For two straight days this September, thieves stole ALL the bacon from a Londis supermarket in Burnley, Lancs (United Kingdom). In response to this tragedy, the shopkeepers now keep all their bacon locked securely in the refrigerated stockroom. If patrons want to purchase bacon they now have to ask for it upon checkout and the bacon will be brought out to them.

“It is thought the soaring price (bacon has increased by 100 percent in the last 12 months) and the fact that it is easy to conceal, make it an ideal target for shoplifters.” Police in the area think that heroin addicts are stealing the bacon, selling it on the street and using those dollars to buy drugs.

And here we though bacon was a drug…

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  • DocChuck says:

    Is NOTHING any longer sacred in this global society?

    Shoplifting bacon is akin to sneaking into the church and stealing the coins from the collection plates.

    There are some things on the planet that should NEVER be used as instruments of crime . . . and Bacon is one of them!

    Unless, of course, if eating bacon is considered a “crime”, as by some of the folks over at PETA.

    Then, I am all for committing a crime . . . over and over.

  • Corey James says:

    Amen to that DocChuck!

  • tahrey says:

    If this is a more widespread phenomenon, it may explain the “To the Bacon Thief – This shelf is now protected by CCTV!” sign I saw in a different Londis up in Newton-Le-Willows (ask your scouse cousin) back in August when on a drunken provisions-gathering mission. Thankfully, they did have some left for us to make breakfast sandwiches with the next day.

    And some CHEESE.

    Mind you, having visited Burnley to see a friend that (temporarily?) lives there, and hearing his dismayed reports of what a toilet the area is (it’s getting better now it’s being redeveloped, mind), this report doesn’t particularly surprise me. What’s more shocking is that they didn’t somehow nick the cash register when the assistant wasn’t looking.

  • The truly disturbing part is not that they are stealing bacon. it is that they are selling to buy drugs. They are totaly missing the point.
    Bacon in its sweet smokey salty goodness is all the drug anyone needs. If these poor addicts would only taste the bacon they could kick their drug habits.
    Bacon is the answer to many of life’s problems.
    Remember Bacon makes us Happy.

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