Selling Bacon is a Crime

January 25, 2009 12:01 am Published by 13 Comments

Los Angeles is often referred to as the City of Angels. Unfortunately, the angelic inklings of this grand city are falling by the wayside according to some people who are trying to earn a living by selling bacon – Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs to be specific.

Turns out that the City of Los Angeles Health Departments thinks that “Bacon is a potentially hazardous food”. In fact, Elizabeth Palacios spent 45 days in jail for selling bacon wrapped hot dogs from her food cart on the streets of Los Angeles.  She’s now got all the necessary permits, but Ms. Palocios must get a new $26,000 food cart if she wants to sell bacon wrapped hot dogs again. If not, she will be subject to up to 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Join host Drew Carey (that’s right, The Price is Right guy) as he exposes the harsh truth about bacon wrapped hot dogs in Los Angeles.


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  • BillHoo says:

    The city is being ridiculous and unreasonable! So long as the carts are sanitary and licensed the legitimate vendors should be allowed to sell bacon dogs.

    Legitimate vendors are being penalized while illegal vendors are proliferating!

    This requires a petition to the Mayor to change the law or risk losing votes come the next election.

  • Monica says:

    I love Drew Carey on! is also cool.

    It’s astounding how far Americans have allowed government to encroach upon their lives (and livelihoods, as those entrepreneurial cart vendors in L.A. well know). And it’s disgusting the way the bureaucrats and politicians continually assert the right to legislate, to force decisions on us in matters where NO HARM is done and all parties are consensual.

    That’s why I support Ron Paul.

    hm, Makes me want some midnight bacon snack. And freedom. 😀

  • fallex says:

    +1 for introducing me to the bacondog. -1 for referring to Drew Carey as “the Price is Right guy” There will only ever be one “Price is Right guy” and it ain’t Drew.

  • fuzzyizmit says:

    That is ridiculous! I will have to make one in protest tonight!

  • John says:

    Referring to Drew as the Price is Right Guy is an insult to Mr. Carey, not to the Price is Right.

  • the_bat says:

    BillHoo Says: “The city is being ridiculous and unreasonable!”

    That, by definition, sums up the city of Los Angeles. In fact, it pretty much sums up the whole state of California.

  • Gail says:

    Crif Dogs on St Marks Place in NYC sells bacon-wrapped hot dogs and, man, are they tasty!

  • David says:

    After watching this I fell on my knees and thanked God I don’t live in the Hell hole that is California!

  • dc0de says:

    This is insane…

    L.A. is out of control. That’s what happens when you have dumbasses in your face.

  • EvilBaconator says:

    Omg NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1!!1 Bacon is Illegal?!?!?!?!?!? I HATE LOS ANGELES!!!!!!

  • Tim says:

    what country do we live in? what a bunch of control freaks in california.thank god i do not live there.shame on the people that do, and put up with this big brother govt.Drive the little man out of bus,,26,000 for a cart.this country was founded on FREEDOM.sadly we are are far cry from that now.
    Also sounds like a LA county scam to get more money from the people.Why is what you eat, the business of the county..Politicians are all the same,but the democrats,which I quite sure run california,are expecially extreme control freaks and want to regulate every aspect of our lives.How long must this go on?????????

  • i love bacon but... says:

    chill. out.

    Sounds like the woman did jail time for not having the proper vendor permits from the state of California (States make those to ya know…build roads and stuff sometimes)

    This coming from a guy who read the article… which might be asking too much from someone eready to shame the population of an entire state (Run by a Republican Gov.).

    Love Bacon but really… chill out… for a second

  • Michael J. Friedman says:

    So she got jail time but all the illegal’s never receive one day in jail. CA is so upside down.

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