Seaside Treat: Chocolate-Covered Bacon

August 4, 2010 5:00 am Published by 3 Comments

Faithful reader Jack Nixon wrote to us at Bacon Today after he and his fiancée embarked on an outing to Ocean City, N.J. Let’s just say the lovely couple told us about something that we find much more exciting than beaches, boardwalks and salt-water taffy.

Of course, we know the Jersey shore is both a beautiful vacation spot as well as inspiration for one of the most artistically significant television series of all time. We get that. But Jack found something we find far more appealing: Chocolate-covered bacon.

That’s right. You heard us correctly. Chocolate-covered bacon. Jack wandered into a local candy shop and discovered this seaside surprise.  Here’s a photo that proves Jack wasn’t suffering a post-sunbathing delirium from too much time on the beach.

We’re unsure how many Bacon Today readers visit Ocean City during an average summer, but we bet Jack and his fiancée are far from alone. That’s why we wanted to spread the word about the modern wonder that is chocolate-covered bacon.

But how does it really taste?

Here’s how Jack describes the candy-covered treat: “The bacon was nice and crunchy and the chocolate was delicious!”

Sure it was, Jack. Now, please be a kind reader and send us a sample

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  • Alec says:

    i had that at the ventura county fair in CA is near santa monica and tastes AWESOME

  • Dainmeister says:

    I had chocolate bacon on the peir in Santa Cruz two or three years ago and have to agree it is great. This year at the California State fair there was a booth that had chocolate covered bacon too. Also at Whole Foods market they have a Bacon and sea salt chocolate bar. This is a very good snack too

  • Jay says:

    That was from Laura’s Fudge Shop!

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