San Francisco Says No Bacon on Mondays

April 13, 2010 8:00 am Published by 30 Comments

Meatless Mondays. Quite possibly the two worst words ever combined in the English language.

The city of San Francisco has just become the first town to adopt a resolution to stop serving meat of any kind on Mondays. As stated on the official Meatless Monday web site: “The resolution to make Mondays meatless was introduced by supervisor Sophie Maxwell, who hopes that residents will use this opportunity to make nutritious, sustainable choices.”

“Our goal is to help reduce meat consumption 15% in order to improve personal health and the health of our planet.”

Good people…do you think your personal health would be improved by not eating bacon just because it’s Monday?

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  • Jane Moore says:

    An April Fools Joke no doubt

  • Black Ice says:

    Really!? I don’t even live there and im Upset!!! More Bacon, Less BS!!!

  • Anna Cooley says:

    The government can’t get into our bedrooms without a big uproar, so now there going after our arteries, LOL.

  • C. Hagen Radick says:

    Can we give California back to Mexico?

  • mock says:

    let people make their own decisions about eating meat on any day or not. don’t turn vegetarianism into a law. #fail i agree with c. hagen: can we give california back?

  • Mehul says:

    Stupid Idea!

  • vbscript2 says:

    how about we give them California back and give them New York as interest.

  • Jane says:

    Get the fuck over yourselves. It’s one goddamn day without bacon.

  • James says:

    It’s the point of having a choice to eat bacon or not. That is the point of our country! FREEDOM! San Fran sicko call fall into the ocean for all I care. We all have to have their lifestyles shoved down our throats, go live your life how you want and stay out of mine.

  • M.E. says:

    strange, because there is a bar in San Francisco that serves free bacon every monday. (Pop’s in the mission)

    they also have a bacontini. mmmm.

  • James says:

    Fight the man Pop’s!

  • Mojo Yugen says:

    This dovetails well with my new resolution to not go to San Fransisco again, especially on Mondays.

  • Chuck in CA says:

    Hey! Don’t blame all of California for the weirdness that is San Francisco! The rest of the state (well, maybe with the exception of Hollyweird) is pretty normal. Lots of bacon is produced and consumed in the state. I agree with Mojo Yugen though – I’m boycotting San Francisco just for being full of and run by lunatics. If you really want to piss off the loonies in San Fran (besides calling it San Fran) buy some bacon from Arizona!

  • Chuck in CA says:

    I just visited the BUY-cott Arizona website
    ( and found out that Bar-S Foods Co., maker of fine hickory and apple smoked bacon, is headquartered in Phoenix, AZ so I’m planning on getting my wife to only buy Bar-S while the kerfuffle is going on as a kind of “in your face, San Fran!”

  • Ma Bacon says:

    “no, they can’t take my bacon away, no no! they can’t take my bacon away!”

  • Phukov says:

    they can have my bacon when they pry it from my cold, dead hand. The other hand holds the evil black rifle that these bacon haters fear most. I’m double-trouble!

    For anyone who has a hard time understanding San Fran politics, look into the history of the “leaders” coming out of there in the early and mid 70’s.

    Almost all of the big power players, “moonbeam” Brown, Babs Boxer, Harvey Milk and others, were big supporters of-and supported by (financially and thru forced members intimidation and “canvassing”)Jim Jones.

    Yes, *that* Jim Jones. He was even given a Supervisor’s chair in thanks, as well as having SF politicos run interference for him to keep abuse in Jonestown from being investigated.

    I see a trend-just like a history of abusing animals can show homicidal tendencies, so a hatred of bacon shows deep-seated “wrongness”.

    We had biscuit bombers in WWII. Maybe it’s time for bacon bombers. 🙂

  • Sassalicious says:

    Sorry San Fran… FAIL!

    I love this city and will visit whenever possible… hopefully it’ll be on a Monday and I WILL be eating bacon somehow!

    • Kathleen says:

      And you can go right ahead and do that. I’m sure Mr. Carter Nguyen (the organic beef salesmen in the video) will have no trouble pointing you in the direction of bacon, since this resolution does not make it illegal for him to do so. All this resolution does is ask nicely (and financially support) businesses, restaurants, and schools to offer alternatives meals to meat-based ones. Some stores may sell veggie instead of meat burgers all together, but I doubt it. They’ll probably sell both just for monday (since they probably don’t want to buy the other product to make the food for everyday). Many businesses, schools, and restuarants may simply not participate.

      Honestly, am I the only one that even bothered to watch the video or read the news on ABC?

  • galootaurus says:

    On the bright side, TUESDAY IS CATCHUP DAY!

  • Tuffy says:

    Tuffy from Pop’s here. I’ve been emailed about this a hundred times today. No need to fear – free bacon Monday’s will continue at Pop’s.

  • kaleigh says:

    a day without bacon is a sad day indeed. i’m already deprived of my favorite chick-fil-a nuggets and waffle fries every sunday, no bacon (or meat) on monday makes that worse. i am getting so very tired of the government telling me when what how where i can do trivial things (like eat red meat, or slowly kill myself with cigarettes)

    the number one cause of death on the planet?…BEING BORN. life has a 100% mortality rate. might as well live it up while you can.

    • Kathleen says:

      Eating meat and smoking cigarettes aren’t trivial things. I really don’t care that you value life so little that you would slowly kill yourself and say that people are born to die, so it doesn’t matter that people do unhealthy and wrong things.

      Nevertheless, eating meat and the factory farming industry, as well as the making and smoking of cigarettes takes a big toll on the environement. Everyone has to share the environment, and blessed individualism isn’t more important than everybody else wanting a safe environment to live in. This is a concept some libertarians and conservatives seem unable to grasp. It’s called Democracy. As for factoy farming (they way most people in developed countries are able to get meat from the store, as it is today) is not only bad for the environment but it is brutal and cruel to animals. If only you knew that the bacon on your plate is likely a sow who was tied down, unable to walk, in a very small crate and had to bare that some of her children were trampled to death by the male pigs in the same crate, and that they were able to enter her at will. She never saw daylight and she was contantly breathing the fumes of toxic waste and pig feces. There is video evidence of this on many whistle blowing websites, other than just PETA. One site that does this is on, known for whistle blowing on a number of topics, and WikiLeaks.

  • Pickwick says:

    I was a vegetarian for over ten years until I developed chronic kidney stones. For several years, while my doctors tried to figure out what was wrong, I did every thing I could to “eat healthy” — and the healthier I ate, the sicker I got. It turns out, the cause of the stones was my high-oxalate vegetarian diet. The cure? Meat and potatoes for a year to “flush out” the system and only then a return to judicious amounts of vegetables.

    This just goes to show that one size fits no one.

  • Pickwick says:

    And, yes, a day without bacon is like a duck without water!

  • CynicTheHedgehog says:

    Yeah right. Just try telling San Francisco they can’t put meat in their mouth!

  • Lance says:

    They’re fond of demonstrations there… they probably just ran out of reasons for more protests in the street and are hoping the baconites band together in solidarity and march into Berkeley.

    • Kathleen says:

      That was a mature assesment. I’m sure this had nothing to do with the fact that over a quarter of the people in san francisco are vegetarians as it is, and that the local politicians dicided to pander to a particular interest group for their own benefit.
      This resolution doesn’t even make eating or selling meat on mondays illegal. Did you even watch the video?

  • Jamie says:


    Ride the Bacon Freedom Train to the North! We loves our bacon north of the 49th. Almost as much as we love our beavers.

  • Joe says:

    guess i wont be visiting san fran any time soon, here in wisconsin, i can eat bacon for every meal, every day!!! and it goes great with beer and cheese

  • Kathleen says:

    Did anyone else bother to pay attention to the part where the woman in the video said that this resolution does not mandate or require meatless mondays (in other words, it is not a law). The resolution is about “urging you to give meatless mondays a try”. In other words, san francisco is probably giving a small subsidy or temporary fund to support advertisements and owners of vegetarian and vegan businesses in the area. Is this really such a big deal? The urban areas of California already have a pretty big vegan and vegetarian population, so this is just a natural outgrowth. It probably has to do with some pandering to a certain group of people because the same politicians and organizations hope to garner their support. This isn’t anything new, all politicians, NGOs, and interest groups do it and it’s a strategy that has been arond for centuries. It is nothing to get alarmed at. People in san franciso can still eat meat without going to jail, and your own state and city probably won’t support the idea anyways. Do you bacontodayers honestly think that this particular instance is some sort of threat? Or do you have something against the sustainable agriculture movement and health-food industries?

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