Review of Jack in the Box’s Bacon Insider Burger

February 17, 2014 1:11 am Published by 1 Comment

Fast food restaurants everywhere are jumping on the “bacon bandwagon.” Combine this with the upscale, gourmet burger trend, and the result is the latest burger innovation from Jack in the Box: The Bacon Insider. The Bacon Insider adds bacon flavor in three clever ways. First, they add bacon chunks to the patty itself. That’s right, we’re talkin’ a bacon-laden hamburger patty here! Second, not only are there bacon strips ON the burger, there’s bacon strips under the burger too. Lastly, they’ve added bacon-infused mayo as the condiment. The only way to get more bacon in this burger would be to wrap it in bacon! Now THERE’S an idea…

Put all this bacony goodness between a brioche bun, and you’ve got a burger that will definitely appeal to “fast food foodies.” The extra bacon strips were definitely appreciated by this bona fide bacon freak, but there could’ve been much, much more of the bacon mayo. Note to self: next time, ask for extra sauce. The brioche bun was more tasty and substantial than the typical fast food burger bun, but it’s still a long way from “gourmet.” And the bacon-infused patty definitely added more delicious, smoky bacon flavor. Our local SoCal J in the B charged $5.19 for this bacon bad boy.

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You probably saw this ad during the Super Bowl, but if not, check out the commercial featuring the moinking Bork.

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1 Comment

  • EB says:

    BACON INSIDER – is absolutely the worst burger i have ever
    eaten, miniscule meat, thin, heck i have seen cardboard
    thicker than that, extremely dry, virtually no sauce,
    asked for extra onions got a couple of specs of onion
    total sandwich was more than terrible, heck you stole from
    me and how dare you serve a product like that to the public.
    Cost was $5.40. It’s worth = well it is a worthless product,
    it should be illegal to sell a product like that

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