REVIEW: Bacon on a Togos Turkey Sandwich

October 15, 2008 12:54 pm Published by 3 Comments

Today I decided to order my lunch online so I went to and started clicking away. Much to my delight, one of the “extra” items on the menu from Togos Sandwiches was bacon. I assembled a minimal turkey & swiss on honey wheat bread, adding only lettuce and pickles – no condiments.

“Too dry” some might say. Maybe, but if I really wanted to evaluate the quality of bacon at Togos, I didn’t want to mask the taste with extra flavors.

At first glance the bacon quantity, quality, and distribution were not that impressive. The shredded lettuce made redistributing the bacon a futile effort, but it also gave me an idea. Remove the bacon from half of the sandwich and test its quality without the other tastes getting in the way.

A total of three strips of bacon were on the sandwich. With the haphazard distribution I basically had 1.5 strips of thin, listless bacon once I removed them from one half of the sandwich.

The bacon itself was too salty, cold, and overcooked for my taste. In fact, I still have the salty aftertaste as I’m writing this review. I’d have to give the bacon from Togos a Smaste™ rating of 19.375. Edible and fun once in a while but definitely not something to have on a regular basis.

–Corey James

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  • Photo-John says:

    I love Togos. But not their bacon. If I remember correctly, it’s that pre-cooked crap. It isn’t fried up in a greasy pan on the premises, as all bacon should be. It’s either microwave bacon, or might as well be.

    Togos has an awesome italian sub. It’s comparable to an east coast italian. And that’s tough to find in the west. The turkey and avocado is also great. But pass on the bacon.

  • amy says:

    that sandwich needed avocado. togo’s puts a huge amount of quality avocado on their sandwiches. really good.

  • kelli says:

    I like the #9 at Togo’s! I always get a sandwich piled high with meat at Togo’s. I think it is time for you to go again 🙂

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