Rest Easy With Your BaCoN Pillow

November 1, 2010 5:00 am Published by 2 Comments


Have you ever noticed that many of the “pretentious snobs” who don’t eat bacon; tend to often portray those of us “Bacon Freaks” who do, as a bunch of stupid Neanderthals who lack the intelligence and sophistication to “Know Better?’

Well now there’s a really awesome pillow available out there, that not only is totally cool and comfy, but presents bacon from a very intelligent, scientific, as well as artistic, suave and cultured perspective. Introducing the BaCoN Pillow; based on the “Periodic Table” of elements.

That’s right! Take the scientific symbols for the elements Barium (Ba), Cobalt (Co) and Nitrogen (N) and what’s that spell? Ba-Co-N …OMG, that’s BaCoN. So just how totally awesome is that?

Remember the old joke about a guy waking up from a dream where he was eating cotton candy and he wakes up to half eaten pillow. Well cotton candy may be good, but a bacon pillow is the ultimate, so just be sure to remind yourself before you go to bed each night that while the Bacon Pillow is quite tasteful and alluring … it’s definitely not for eating!

So where can you get these awesome pillows? Glad you asked.

They can be found right here and before you go, be sure to check out the fun, fully animated video about the pillow below.


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