Random Buffet in Fresno

January 5, 2010 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Not too long ago I went to Fresno to watch two friends get joined in the holiest of matrimonies. Good for them.

But the REALLY exciting part of that weekend was the random buffet we stopped to have breakfast at on the way home. It was a cute little Mexican restaurant and sadly, in my ensuing glee over the bacon I found inside, I failed to take note of the name. I’m sure some of you will have suggestions to write in the comments below.

Breakfast buffets can be dicey. Sometimes that back is mass cooked and super soggy, and this buffet was no different, but they also did something that very few buffets ever take the time or effort to do – they made a separate stack of crispy bacon in the bacon tray. As the check dumped the new pile of bacon into the warming tray, he used the tongs to pull aside the crispiest pieces into a separate pile. He must know that there are people in the world just like me who like their bacon crispy and he wins extras BT points for making that distinction.


Random chef in random buffet, we salute you.

— Mr. B

P.S. – They also had handmade, fresh cooked tortillas. Mmmm!!!

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