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“Each milkshake has a full tablespoon of liquid gold AKA delicious bacon fat. Recipe here.” – Christine Byrne

“We all know bacon may have jumped the shark, and we’re constantly trying to ignore the fact that it can get overplayed. But then new bacon items like these Bacon Choco-Tots come into the picture and remind us that bacon has limits just like everything else.” – Alison Spiegel

“Get ready, totchos… there’s a new tater tot challenger in the ring, and it’s kind of a badass. Also, super weird. Bacon Today has unveiled a next-level tater tot that’s rolled in bacon and chocolate, creating a superfood that could surpass bacon-wrapped scallops as the passed app of our dreams. The finished products also look suspiciously like a bonbon from Russell Stover’s, so cross your fingers they replace the maple nut creams in next year’s batch.” – Kristin Hunt

“In today’s world of soy-latte-macrobiotic-vegetarian political correctness, it’s refreshing to see there’s someone out there who isn’t afraid to celebrate the salty, fatty, meaty goodness of bacon with childlike wonder.”
The Daily Caller – S.E. Cupp

“ proves that there’s pretty much nothing that bacon can’t make better.”
National Post

“This (turbaconducken) comes to us from the magnificent bounty that is the web site Bacon Today.”
The Buffalo News (New York)

“Bacon has never been as juicy as on a new website devoted to recipes, news, and drama involving the salty meat.”
The Daily Trojan Newspaper

“Best. (Daily Bacon News Outlet). Ever.”

“What you’re doing my friend is bacon pornography — and I love it!”
Mancow Morning Radio Show
(Corey James guest appearance 2008-10-20)

“Why bacon? Why not. At the ingenious site Bacon Today (mmm… bacon) they celebrate all things bacon, and there are more than you think…”
Slightly Worn Around the Edges

“Having a Website dedicated to all things bacon is overkill, but the headline ‘Bacon Lost in Tragic Accident‘ is pretty amusing.”
New York Magazine

“A slick website dedicated to all things bacon-related. The best part is the Bacon Shop!”

“Ok…this rules.”
Veronica Belmont
– Host of Tekzilla & Qore shows

“What could make a cinnamon roll even better? Bacon.”

“Has the pinnacle of culinary achievement finally been reached? Bacon brownies!”
Los Angeles Times

Bacon wrapped cinnamon rolls! Yes, you can feel your heart clogging up now.”
KS 107.5 FM Colorado

“Food of the day: Bacon Cinnamon Rolls
Radio Play House

“Website of the Day – October 8, 2008”

“Two great tastes that some say taste great together. Bacon Cinnamon Rolls.”

“The 24-hour news cycle’s adept at overwhelming you with politics, the economy, and kidnappings of attractive people, but can it keep you up-to-date on the most crucial topic of all, sizzling breakfast meat? Now it can, with Bacon Today.”

“For the Best in Bacon News, Visit Bacon Today”
Serious Eats

“The Tech Report of the bacon world”
Tech Report

“The best place for bacon recipes on the Internet”

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