Presiding Pocatello Politician Pulls Pet Potbellied Pig Out Of The Flames!

September 25, 2010 5:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Athena the lovable potbellied pig was compassionately pulled out of the flames of controversy, both out of the “proverbial pan,” as well as the frenzied legal fire!

All thanks to popular, Pocatello, ID Mayor Brian Blad, who literally “saved the bacon” of this cuddly and much beloved, personal pet.

In a heated City Council debate over the fate of Adorable Athena, Mayor Blad cast the deciding vote in what was, up to that point, an intransigent 3 to 3 tie, saving the pet pig form an uncertain fate, possibly homelessness, or perhaps being shipped of to Aunt Martha’s farm up north, to run and play in the fields of grass with the other friendly, furry creatures, just like everyone’s favorite dog was back when we all were kids and “Spot or Fido” quite suddenly was mysteriously missing.

Animal Control had sited the pig’s owner, Brad Willis, recommending in no uncertain terms that having the pig at Willis’ home violated the city code that requiring anyone with livestock to have a minimum of 3/4 of an acre of irrigated pastureland.

Willis, in Athena’s and his own defense, explained to the council that she is a “pet,” not “livestock.”

So thanks to the machinations of the “mindful Mayor,” celebrations are now most definitely in order at the home of Willis home, as Athena’s human room-mate is now ecstatic that he officially and legally gets to keep his 175-pound friend at home, right where she belongs.

Member’s of the City Council wanted to make sure that it is emphatically clear that, while in this “single, particularly unique” instance, the council waived the acreage requirement, they were in no uncertain terms, NOT setting a precedent.

“No more pigs!” was the parting remark from City Councilwoman Eva Nye to Mr. Willis after the vote, a persuasively passionate point made in the heat of public “pork-barrel politics!”

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