Pre-Cooked Microwave Bacon

September 15, 2008 12:01 pm Published by 2 Comments

Today we decided to try out a quick and easy alternative to cooking traditional bacon. For our experiment we selected Safeway brand “Thick Sliced Fully Cooked Bacon”.

microwave bacon box

The packaging was decent and the price was right, on sale for $2.00 for a pack of 12 slices.

close up of microwave bacon box

The box claimed 12 bacon slices and “ready in seconds”. Recommended microwave cooking time was 40 seconds on the back of the box.

microwave bacon in vacuum sealed pouch

Once removed from the box, the inner packaging showed a glob of bacon that honestly didn’t look all that appetizing.

microwave bacon on plate

After removing the bacon from the plastic bag and separating the slices, things started looking better. There were 12 slices as advertised, but the slices were extremely thin. Definitely not “thick sliced” as advertised.

microwave bacon on plate

The bacon was heated in the microwave for 40 seconds directly on the plate. The texture was rather flimsy but the taste was pretty decent. Not bad for $2.00 and 40 seconds. I’d recommend pre-cooked microwave bacon as a quick alternative for you time-saving bacon lovers out there.

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  • Spam says:

    You forgot to mention one of the biggest conveniences about pre-cooked microwavable bacon…no refrigeration necessary until you open it!


    sorry to say i found the Safeway Thick Sliced Fully Cooked Bacon smoked with Sweet Applewood undesirable & not the quality of other brands i have tried. this product has entirely too much grisel. the flavor is comparable with others. i have tried all similar brands in Vons store.

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