Pre-Bacon Decisions

November 15, 2008 12:01 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We tend to celebrate the carnivorous side of bacon here at Bacon Today, but we have to acknowledge the folks out there that would rather look at bacon than eat the tasty meat. Case in point is an unnamed woman in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada that showed up on Dara Hirbod’s doorstep to offer $500 for Dara NOT to eat the pre-bacon (AKA pig) that he had bought for $30 and raised with the intention of creating all manner of tasty pork-related dishes.

Of course, with $500, Dara can buy nearly 14 more pigs, so I’m not sure if the anonymous activist really thought this one through.

By the way, the pig’s name is Bacon.

We salute you, Dara. Go get your bacon on!

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