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There is no doubt that people love bacon.  It’s even been called the gateway meatfor vegetarians because of how good it tastes.  Jim Gaffigan says, “Do you want to know how good bacon is?  To improve other food they wrap it in BACON!”  I don’t know if will come as a shock to you but I find that Dog’s also love bacon.  But can bacon give us special powers?  If you don’t already know that we can be powered by bacon, you will after you check out this first hand account.

Karl R. Maier wrote this to us and we had to share it. 

I was watching that dog sled race in Alaska, the Iditarod, the race that goes 1150 miles from Anchorage to Nome. This is an incredible display of athleticism; the dogs of the winning team cover the course in less than 9 days averaging over 128 miles a day. Think about it, that’s like running 4 marathons every day for 9 days straight. Anyway I was watching one of the dog sleds coming into a rest area where they would eat, sleep, and rest after having run about 100 miles, needless to say the dogs where dragging and just flopped down where they stopped exhausted. When the Musher fed them some dry dog food a few minutes later, they didn’t even have the energy to eat, they didn’t even move. The Musher then placed a chunk of bacon by each dog and the dogs weakly reached for the bacon, most just stretching out their mouths to get their teeth on it and drag it close. Within 15 minutes those dogs were up, jumping around, wagging their tails. When I saw that I thought, I am just like that, bacon empowers and energizes me as well. So the next time you’re dragging don’t go for the sugary candy, take a lesson from the incredible athletes of the Iditarod, use your last shred of strength and go for the bacon, it’s what your body is craving. Remember Bacon is meat candy.

Thanks for sending in this story Karl, and remember to be powered by bacon.

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