Portland’s BACONFEST 2010 Sizzled Without The Drizzles

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After a weird, wacky and wild weather rollercoaster ride the past week, Portland’s famous “Baconfest 2010 turned out to be a spectacular “sizzle without the drizzle” success.

The official “Portland Pork Party’s” premier participant and primary sponsor, popular radio station PDX.FM, basically is took over the entire block next to the “East Burn” to bring the Portlander Public what can only be described as “the ultimate summer bacon event, featuring all kinds of music / live entertainment, a wide selection of bacon oriented creative concoctions and all kinds of fun and exciting contents earning participants all kinds of wonderful prizes … and of course … bacon, Bacon and more BACON!

Here’s a quick glimpse of just some of the events that we enjoyed by all:

12:00 Opening Ceremonies + Contest – The Bacon Mile (ends 5pm)
01:00 Live Music – The KOS
02:00 Contest – Bacon Toss
03:00 Live Music – Target for Tomorrow and the Horns of Destruction
04:00 Contest – Bacon Eat-Off
05:00 Live Music – Drain
06:00 Bacon Dance-Off
07:00 Live Music – Kym Krash Band

Of course it isn’t a Baconfest without lots of fun and games, including the ever popular Bacon Eating Competition, The Bacon Dance Off, The Bacon Toss, and The 1 Mile Bacon. 

With well over 2,500 “Ballyhooing Baconistas” in attendance, Baconfest 2010 was proud and pleased to provide a little gift back to the community, successfully collecting more than 800 lbs. of food for the “Oregon Food Bank,” thanks to all of the altruistic attendees and sponsors of the event, including: PDX.FM radio, The East Burn, MacTarnahan’s Beer, Bacon Salt, Bacon Skateboards, Tiny Meat, Skillet Bacon Spread, Bakon Vodka, Parker’s Waffles, Das Foods, Get Fit Portland, Salted Caramel and Mobster Meatballs – Food Cart & Catering, just to name a few.

Rumor has it that “some bacon” may have been ingested at the event, however, you now hoe rumors go, so we’ll just leave that part of the story up to your imagination. (Burp!)

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