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We often get letters touting the bounty of bacon served at some restaurant or a creative bacon product new to the marketplace. We’ll weave the tale into an article here on Bacon Today taking bits and pieces and adding our own spice. Every so often though, we get a letter that speaks for itself. This is one of those times and here is the letter in it’s entirety…enjoy…


I have just had the most slamatocious, porklicious, bacon laden meal of my career as a füdist (to clarify, foodies are who eat to be erudite in cuisine… füdists who eat for gratuitous self gratification). This meal was so insane, it was dirty… like a 70’s porn flick dirrrrrtay.

The meal started out with a snack of something called “F&D Poppycock”- which consists of fried peanuts, spicy pork rinds and toffee popcorn. As the pork rind seems to be the bastard cousin of bacon who shows up drunk to family reunions, I trust you will approve of this choice.

This was followed up with an open faced sandwich although that’s an almost embarrassing description because “The Ripper” is no standard grade sammich. Rather, it involves a bacon crusted pork sausage on a little toast (I liked the fact that there was more meat than bread) with mustard and relish. The y then surround this baby with a bed of homemade potato chips and deep fried pickles and onions. The sausage is house made and the bacon is definitely not understated.

But finally, and the primary reason I am writing, I had the pièce de résistance… lovingly called “The Pig Licker”. The name alone and the fact that it was on the dessert menu should have you scrambling to book a flight to Austin, TX immediately.

Gentlemen, you have covered the notion of chocolate covered bacon in the past… but this was different… this was (dare I say it?)… special.

“The Pig Licker” is thick cut praline dipped bacon covered in dark chocolate, served with a side of bacon root beer and a pork rind churro.



You heard me correctly.

I tasted the bacon rootbeer first and I have to admit the bacon flavor matched with that of a good quality rootbeer did not suit my palate until I made a discovery… this dessert had a rhythm to it. The fulcrum of the dessert was the pork rind churro.

The pork rind churro was bubbly chunk of fried pig skin sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. It was, by far, the biggest surprise of the evening. The sweet and cinnamon flavor and light texture of the churro balanced this decadent dessert to porktastic perfection. Everything came together in a blaze of glorious pig-o-rrific fury when I took a bite of the chocolate covered bacon, followed that with a bite of the churro and then took a swig of the rootbeer.

I discovered that the difference between state fair or novelty chocolate covered bacon and this epicurean delight was, in my humble opinion, the cut of the bacon and the balance of salt. This bacon was cut almost a quarter inch thick. From there, it was coated in a sugar coating with just a hint of salt and roasted to that just-before-crispy point… after which it was coated in a layer of fine dark chocolate. It was salty, sweet, rich and bacony…

I nearly wept. It was as good as most sex… and I am not the kind of chick who says that over cupcakes.

You need to come to Austin, TX and have a meal at Foreign & Domestic (http://foodanddrinkaustin.com)… I’ll be happy to meat you there.


Agent N.

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  • baconator says:

    Hm, they just did a major rework of their menu (though the pig licker is still there).

  • Agent N says:

    Their menu is somewhat seasonal and changes from time to time.., although the F&D Poppycock and the Pig Licker appear to be staples. My partner in crime on this venture had something completely different but also equally amazing. Thus far, the place is a win… although I wish they’d bring back the marrow croquettes.

    P.S.- I apologize for any spelling/grammar errors in my post… I was in full pork coma and fighting off a myocardial infarction at the time I wrote it.

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