Porcus Infernum Bacon Hot Sauce

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Porcus Infernum Bacon Hot Sauce

Porcus Infernum Bacon Hot Sauce

This is the world famous, internationally beloved PIG SOWSE! This is not a novelty sauce that disappoints your taste buds, this is the real deal. Porcus Infernum is a versatile and delicious hot sauce with mild heat, bacon flavor and mild sweetness. This “Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” sauce can be used on anything to add hot hot heat and bacon flavor! It tastes great on scrambled eggs, pulled pork sandwiches, wings, ribs and so much more. The possibilities are endless. It even makes the world’s best Bloody Mary better!

Voodoo Chile Sauces exists to entertain your taste buds. What separates them from the pack is their relentless commitment to quality and their focus on crafting layered, complex sauces that people will want to eat and share. They use only the finest ingredients and they go to great lengths to find just the right balance of flavors, heat and finish.

Their initial claim to fame was being the first to create a delicious, versatile gourmet bacon sauce after being told by the experts that it could not be done. It took over a year and a half and dozens upon dozens of gallons of discarded, failed attempts, but since then they have since enjoyed a following of devoted customers and enthusiastic fans from virtually every corner of the earth. Porcus Infernum remains their flagship sauce to this day. They’re not the ones who coined the phrase, “The world’s best bacon hot sauce, bar none.” Their customers did! So in the ever-increasing world of bacon hot sauces, trust us when we say this is the best bacon hot sauce for those seeking mild heat (rated a 3 out of 10 on the heat scale).


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