Please Stop Referring To Betty Whites As This Years Meat Candy Bacon

November 26, 2010 5:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

OK, I understand how trends work, especially in the media and news industry. One TV news pundit or talk show Guru says something that is moderately clever, or momentarily interesting, and the next thing you know, it’s spreading like wild-fire, wherever you turn.

This sort of thing “sheep following the leader” conformity happens all the time on network news programs, where one commentator coins an off the cuff term to use on air, and suddenly everyone is spouting it as if it were gospel truth.

What really is beginning to bug the heck out of me is this latest “pet proposition” and proud public proclamation, that actress Betty White is this year’s bacon!

Hey, come on now, I eat bacon. Let’s not soil & spoil one of the true “por-ktastic” pleasures still remaining for those of us who earn less than a million dollars a year and leave the bacon comparisons alone.

I get it, bacon is a huge and progressively more and more popular, trending food item that is quickly making its way into the spotlight as the featured, favored, flavored flesh that is now staring either in or on practically every single restaurant menu and meal recipe on Planet Earth …

Meanwhile … yes …Betty White does seem to be almost everywhere we look these days, from television shows to movies and from commercial advertisements to late night, mid day and early morning news, variety and talk shows. It’s completely true, I totally get it! I myself have even joked around that soon they will be announcing the launching of the 24 hour a day Betty White television / radio simulcast.

But let’s not equate this 88 year old television veteran with over 70 years of TV stardom under her belt, from Password to the Mary Tyler More Show and from The Golden Girls to Hot In Cleveland with my all-time favorite food.

One of my favorite T-shirts is the amazingly popular Bacon Freak logo with the words, “Bacon is Meat Candy!”  Now I’m sorry if this offends or hurts the feelings of Ms. White, because I certainly don’t mean to, and I think she is a phenomenally talented, comedic star in her own right, but the thought of Betty White being “Meat Candy” just opens up images in my mind that, much like “Pandora’s Proverbial Box, simply shouldn’t be opened, ever.

So, yeah, I love Betty White as much as the next guy, but let’s not get carried away and start equated her with the most sizzling hot and decadently delicious piece of meat on the planet … OK? Thanks!

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